Thursday, 26 July 2012


Papdi Chaat is a popular and mouth watering snack which found easily on road side food carts in all over India. Papdi used in this chat is readily available in market but it can also easily be made at home. For hygienic and better taste, I always prefer to prepare papdis at home.

Ingredients For Papdi :-
1/2 cup Maida (all purpose flour)
1/2 cup Sooji (semolina flour)
1/2 cup Atta (wheat flour)
2 tsp Oil (to knead dough)
A pinch of Salt
Water as required

For Masala :-
2 boiled Potatoes (cut into small pieces)                          
1 finely chopped Tomato 
1 chopped Onion
2-3 chopped Green chillies
2 tsp chopped Coriander leaves
1/2 cup boiled White Matar (chickpeas)
1 tsp roasted Cumin powder
1/2 tsp roasted Dry red chilli powder
1 tsp roasted Dhania powder
Bhujiya or mixture (as per taste)
2 tsp Tomato sauce
2 tsp Dahi (yogurt)
1 tsp Black pepper powder
1 tsp Chaat masala
2 tsp Sweet Tamarind (Imly) chutney
Salt as per taste

Method :-
Making Papdi :- Mix maida, suji, atta, salt, water together and make a little hard dough. Make small balls from this dough, sprinkle 2 tsp oil over the balls, cover it and keep aside for 30 minutes. Heat oil in a kadhai. Roll out very small even size round puris of the dough and deep fry them in oil and keep aside. You can store the papdis for 10-15 days in an air tight container.

Sweet Tamarind Chutney :- 
Boil 1/2 cup tamarind pulp (imli)  in 1 cup water. Add jaggery, salt, red chilli powder to it and  boil for 15-20 minutes on a medium flame. When it thickens switch off the flame and add roasted cumin, dhania (Coriander) powder to it.

Final Step :-
Arrange papdi in a serving plate. Mix all the above masala in a bowl (potatoes, tomato, onion, green chilli, boiled chickpeas, tomato sauce, black pepper powder, chat powder, cumin powder, dhania powder, salt). While serving, lightly crush the papdis little. Place the potato mixture over the Papdi. Sprinkle cumin powder, coriander powder, bhujiya or mixture, dahi, tamarind chutney, chaat masala over it, garnish with coriander leaves and serve. Enjoy the Papdi Chaat!!!


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