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"KANIKA" - A Traditional Famous Sweet Pulao of Odisha, which is among 56 items, prepared every day in JAGANNATH TEMPLE, PURI as a Maha Prasad for Lord Jaggannath. It goes very well with Besara, Mahura, Khatta Mitha Dali, Ghanta etc...I have prepared this on Manabasa Gurubar (Laxmi Puja) and my Birth Day (On d same day) as a prasad of Goddess Laxmi ji.. My Platter was filled with Kanika, Khatta-Mitha Dali, Saga-Pariba Mahura, Oou Khatta, Saga Bhaja, Baigana-Kadali Fry, Jeera-Aloo n Suji Kheeri..It was a very Special day for me..So, I've cooked these Satwik foods for the Laxmi Puja and feel Blessed O:)  

Ingredients :-
Basmati Rice - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup (as your choice)
Ghee - 3-4 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
A Pinch of Salt
Cashew Nuts n Raisins - 4 tsp
Bay Leaf - 1 no.
Cinnamon - 1 pcs
Cardamom - 3-4 nos.
Cloves - 2 nos.
Whole Pepper - 5-6 nos.
Make a Powder of Mace(Jaitri-1/4 pcs), Nutmeg(Jaiphala-1/4 pcs), Cinnamon(1' inch) n 
Water - 2 cups
A Pinch of Saffron

Method :-
Wash the rice and soak for 30 minutes. Drain the water and completely dry it. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, mix well and spread on a plate for drying. Heat ghee in a deep pan. Add 1 tsp sugar and caramel it. Next add bay leaf, whole garam masala, Peppercorns and saute for a minute. Add dry rice into it and fry for 5-8 mins till brown in colour in a low-medium flame. Add hot water into it, add a pinch of salt and cover with a lid and let it cook. When the rice is half cooked, add the Sugar and stir it. After 5 mins add Nutmeg-Mace-Cinnamon garam masala powder, fried dry nuts and let it for 2 mins on flame. Turn off the flame and Serve your Delicious Mettha Pulao (Kanika).

Note :- 1. Water should be double the amount of rice.   
              2. You can add Saffron water for a good flavour. 
              3. When you cook the rice, stir it very gently n carefully, otherwise the rice should                        broken and meshed up.   

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